As the title says, recently, VNDB has been giving me an error page that spans any page they have even though previously I was browsing the site normally for my Eroge and updates on what's new and old goodies.

The error is the typical "This webpage is not available. ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT".

Now before anyone suggests fiddling with my LAN config/firewall/anti-virus, let me state that I don't use anti-virus except Windows Defender and I haven't changed any configurations on those things which might have caused the site to get blocked. I don't fiddle with them in the first place. DO NOTE that I can sometimes browse the site, albeit it doesn't finish loading properly, the page is there with all the text and links, the thing is that the images are broken/not finishing loading and the layout a mess. When it's accessible like this, every page is in the same state.

One solution I found that worked one time is using VPN (can't remember which country I used, my original ISP is Globe Philippines).

I'm asking here if anyone has the same issues or if it's just that VNDB no longer wants to work on my end. Since I can't access anything connected to VNDB, I don't have any other place to ask around who might use the same site (VNDB) regularly like I do.