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    Anyone else Have a Problem with Indecision?

    This is something that personally has always effected me. Not knowing what VN I want to do next. There's so many of them out there, and I consider myself open to just about anything. I end up taking a long time deciding which VN to jump into after I finish one. My indecision is so bad that I find myself hesitating trying out untranslated VNs because that will add even more stress to me.

    So yeah, does anyone else have this issue and/or ways to combat it?

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    Re: Anyone else Have a Problem with Indecision?

    me too! actually I am "playing" like 25 VNs at the same time, but in real life, I have let some almost a year withour even starting them.... And have almost 2tb with "to play games" u.u I really want to be able to stuck to one game till I end it..... and you?

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