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    [HONEY STUDIO] Is Honey Studio right for me?

    Hi guys,
    I'm pretty new to all this. I've been playing with PlayHome/Honey Select Party/Honey Studio Neo a bit, installed it + mods, created my first character. I'm impressed by the ability to create your Super Babe! But now what to do with them?

    PlayHome/HoneySelect scenes are a bit too hardcore for me, going right into fondling and such, so I'd like to create my own, simple scenes with more build up. I was hoping I could do that with Honey Studio Neo.

    A simple scene would look like this:

    Guy stands behind girl and reaches around her, touching her belly (hand moves up and down). Girl reacts to it, breathing heavily. They talk, so I need some lip + maybe head movement.

    As you can see, nothing out of the ordinary. I've been able to pose a gal/guy in Honey Studio, but I don't know how to do the movement of the hand and the breathing of the girl + lip movement of both.
    Also, I'd like to use my own audio...can't stand these girls sounding like 4-year-olds....

    Is Honey Studio the right tool for me or should I look elsewhere? Please point me into the right direction.

    Is there any way to load scenes created in Honey Studio into Honey Select?

    Thanks for helping out a newbie!

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    Re: [HONEY STUDIO] Is Honey Studio right for me?

    Studio's not really for animations, but rather for stills. You try to make it as convincingly as possible when used in that fashion. If you are trying for a fully animated scene you are probably in the wrong place (maybe unless you are willing to take the stop-motion route)

    Studio Neo's problem is that neck/face moment is tied to FK, meaning, you won't be moving neck and face without the workaround that is for head to follow camera and freeze it there. Lips movement is possible by assigning voice, but you don't like voice...maybe you can turn off voice?

    You are probably better off playing your own audio because replacing audio is probably not worth it.

    Studio and main game are separate - you won't be able to use studio scenes in the main game.
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