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Thread: [Eushully] 天結いキャッスルマイスター - Amayui Castle Meister

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    [Eushully] 天結いキャッスルマイスター - Amayui Castle Meister

    I cannot believe there is no discussion of this title here.
    There's a gui translation project. (Zan translations)
    It works great with VNR.
    It's a Eushully title.
    I'd like to keep this post open for the mods to change ownership to someone who could give it justice.
    Should contain links to all the updates AP & AB's if links to torrents are allowed, then those too. I can't get the link to the updates to work for me except to go through a Vietnamese site, so that's weird & I don't wanna link that here, but I got there thru google and you can too. I need a link to the new content DL,
    OK, now I know the difference between AP & AB AP is the Append Data kinda thing, AB's are patches. I'm missing Ap 02. If someone has a link please post, I'll edit this until someone more responsible takes over
    I'm in hate mode with the game atm since I constantly have to farm mats for creating shit but whatever, for Eushully not to be represented here is kinda crappy, everything isn't Illusion.
    Looking for: SSG file for SpoilerAL, CT for Cheat engine. That's about it. VNR translates it pretty damn good. Nekohen or Zan will follow up wit h a real translation in 6 months or so

    Japanese wiki:
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    Re: [Eushully] 天結いキャッスルマイスター - Amayui Castle Meister

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