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Thread: [130927] Ichiban Janakya Dame Desu ka - I want to be your number one!

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    Thumbs up [130927] Ichiban Janakya Dame Desu ka - I want to be your number one!

    Original Name: 1番じゃなきゃダメですかっ?
    Brand: Rosebleu
    Release: September, 2013


    That apartment is located just past a small slope, about 9 minutes of walk away from the station.
    It's an old-fashioned wooden building. With a big clock as its landmark, its name is "Ittoki."

    It's not "ikkoku" [an instant]; it's "ittoki." [a moment]
    It's not "ichijikan" [an hour] either. It's "ittokikan." [the suffix -kan denotes a building]

    Sometime ago, following someone's lead, people started calling the inn "Maison Ittoki." [likely a reference to "Maison Ikkoku," a popular old manga]
    The only tenants of the apartment were girls who fell into despair due to their brothers.

    Futaba Shou was supposed to be a new tenant there.
    He was naturally refused residence, but his perseverance and positive character opens up the hearts of the other tenants (all female, of course) and made them officially accept him as a tenant.
    Not only that: Shou, to whom the girls had became completely lovey-dovey toward, was even offered to live with them as a family like a stepbrother-stepsister relationship.

    However, when they were finally getting prepared to begin their new life as a family, Shou's stepsister [this one is his real stepsister, I assume], who was also his childhood friend, declared:

    "I will quit being Nii-san's imouto!"

    The childhood-friend-but-also-stepsister girl wishes for herself to be Shou's number-one partner to the end, and that his new non-blood-related "sisters" stay as number two in the "family".

    Alone? A family? A harem? She has to be number one. Really, she can't be number two.

    Thus unfolds a sweet, fun and enviable, if a bit headache-inducing, riajuu lives of the people under the same roof.

    Which relationship would you seek?


    Futaba Hisui Giri Imouto - Voiced by Agumi Oto

    Mitsuki Ruri

    Ichimine Kohaku

    Isawa Hotaru

    Shijou Sango

    Kusakabe Ai - Subchar - A SIZE OMFG I WANT I WANT I WANT, I'm crying if she doesn't have a sub route

    Yamanoue Amaha - Subchar

    Sasamoto Yukiha - Subchar

    Miwa Akane - Subchar - Twintail - B SIZE GETTO!!!!!

      Spoiler: Sample CGs 


    Personal Comment:

    My rating: ♥♥♥♥+♥ for Agumi Oto & Threesome

    Yeah, it's like living in an all-girls dorm, and threesome is an option there. What else could you ask for more? Your imouto even quit being your imouto to become your number one. although it's not really necessary. Btw, Agumi Oto is voicing her as well. Oh yah, I'm all out for my number one imouto.

    The sub character is so dericious, I hope they all have a route as well, especially for Kusakabe Ai & Miwa Akane. God please make it happen.

    Hopefully, I can uncover Shou's secret too: How did he turn all of them to fall in love with him?

    Ahh well, gotta play to see.

    Thanks Ignis who helped me with this.
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    Re: [130927] Ichiban Janakya Dame Desu ka - I want to be your number one!

    Interesting. Thanks for all the screens and for making this review.
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    Re: [130927] Ichiban Janakya Dame Desu ka - I want to be your number one!

    I'm gonna play this game just because there is Sango and she's look cool :p

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