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    [HorribleSubs] Sword Gai: The Animation [WEBRip]

    When the gods would not answer in humanity's desperate hour of need, it turned to a demon instead. The supposed savior came wielding the sword Zsoltgewinn, but its uncontrollable lust for blood led it to kill those who summoned it too. Although the sword was sealed away long ago, it has been uncovered by the Shoshidai, an organization that collects such cursed artifacts. However, Zsoltgewinn proves to be too strong to be tamed by humans when its corruptive power influences the administrator, Takuma Miura, to flee with it in his grasp.

    At the same time, Gai Ogata's family is torn apart due to the possession of another demonic sword, Shiryu, leading his father to be murdered and his mother to hang herself shortly after giving birth to him. Abandoned in the forest clutching the blade, he is discovered by the blacksmith Amon. Unnaturally transfixed by the sword, Gai works tirelessly for years to hone his smithing skills. However, when an accident costs him his arm, he gains a new one—in the form of a reforged Shiryu.

    Now having a cursed sword for an arm, Gai must learn to control its violent urges. All the while, Zsoltgewinn continues its rampage, leaving a path of blood in its wake.

    Alternative Titles
    Japanese: ソードガイ The Animation

    Episodes: 12
    Aired: Mar 23, 2018
    Producers: LandQ studios
    Licensors: None found
    Studios: Production I.G, DLE
    Genres: Action, Seinen, Supernatural
    Duration: 22 min. per ep.

    File Information
    Group: HorribleSubs
    Video: 1280x720 AVC 23.976 FPS
    Audio: Japanese AAC LC
    Subtitles: English ASS
    Container: MKV


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