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    Toradora! got Dubbed

    Ok, so I apologize if this isn't news to you guys, but I happened to check the NIS America store just now and the Dubbed version of Toradora! is available for preorder now.

    So yeah... it finally got a dub. Thoughts?

    Personally I wouldn't buy it to the tune of $90, but I am excited to rewatch it and see which voice actors they use. ^.^

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    Re: Toradora! got Dubbed

    ... I'm sticking with my biased thoughts. I like listening to the entertainment piece in the original language it was produced in. Since it retains almost all, if not all, the ideas and meaning for the said story, animation, movie, game, etc.

    Personally, I feel it might be great for people who don't want to hear Japanese voices. In the end, it's just not for me and I'm already okay with the original release of the animation with the original content and all. With subs, otherwise raw.

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    Re: Toradora! got Dubbed

    It's great that Toradora is dubbed, but why the release it on DVD too? I dont have a Blu Ray player
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