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    Stereotypes in Japanese media

    I would like to begin a thread in Japanese cliches and stereotypes. And since I will go first how about I talk about a stereotype that's quite subtle. Dudes that wear glasses that refer to them as "boku" instead of the more appropriate "ore". And yes most of the time when I hear grown-ass men referring to themselves with the pronoun is always dudes that wear glasses (megane guys). Why is this so widespread? Is wearing glasses in Japan seen as childish or is there some sort of irony I am missing? Matter of fact, why is "boku" even used by grown-ass men in the first place? I thought that was only a pronoun that you grew out of in adolescence,like wearing sneakers with lights on the soles or liking the Transformers movies.

    Feel free to comment on my post or start posting your own here.

    As always, thank you for reading. 'fresco out.
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    Re: Stereotypes in Japanese media

    "Boku" is acceptable in a (somewhat) more formal environment, as opposed to "ore" that is purely casual. it could be that the glasses stereotype denotes a more formal and polite person, rather than simply intellect and geekiness. Such a person is more likely to address themselves as Boku, rather than Ore. Sure, watashi/watakushi is more formal, but sometimes using that feels too rigid, while "Ore" is way too colloquial.

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