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    OAV, OVA | Volume, EP etc.


    As the title says I would like to know when to use the... abbreviations?

    So far as I know all anime titles start with an episodes and after the end of a story of anime there's an OAV or OVA airing out. I don't know the meaning of OAV, OVA after all the episodes.

    Also I want to know why hentai's titles are starting with Vol. 1, 2, 3 not Ep. 1, 2, 3 (sometimes even OVA)? I know Volume is a collection of chapters from manga so why when they release a video it's still called volume not episode? Why authors stick to volumes when they release their videos (I even saw sometimes OVA 1 - Vol. 1?).

    Thanks for explaining this to me and probably other people.

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    Re: OAV, OVA | Volume, EP etc.

    Well, all both having the same meanings, just the words/letters are differently given...

    OVA: Original Video Animation

    OAV: Original Animation Video
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