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    Generic Europe In Anime

    I've noticed that several animes are set in a generic Europe that borrows elements from several counties.

    This is true of Attack On Titan, Spice & Wolf, & several Studio Ghibli films, such as Kiki's Delivery Service, Laputa: Castle In The Sky & Howl's Moving Castle.

    These are interesting to watch to see which aspects are included, & I'm sure there are some more around.

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    Re: Generic Europe In Anime

    yeah ... there are LOTS of anime series and manga that use generic scenes of Europe ... they kind of have to ... they dont dare show anything resembling the real Europe and what is really going on ... they dont dare show that the Grand European Union is a complete failure, admirably shown by the complete failure of countries like Greece and the fact that Germany has been required to float much of Europe (and the Euro) because most of the countries over there dont have any real economy

    they also do not dare show all the massive problems that "real" Europe is having with islam, and the swarm of refugees that never stops flooding towards Europe ... with my own eyes I saw the early stages of those problems when I was living in Germany back in the mid-late 1980's ... and it has steadily gotten worse since then

    Europe tries to hide those problems ... not very successfully ... and most all manga and anime is about fantasy, not reality ... so they kind of have to use idealized generic scenes of life in Europe ... since the reality is rather ugly ... and ugly does not make for good anime and manga

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    Re: Generic Europe In Anime

    As long as the really awful issues aren't present.
    A fantasy Europe is fine and as it has been said.

    It makes for a better anime/manga if it is made up.

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