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    anime like clannad?

    hello i recently i have been watching a lot of ecchi/harem anime. though they are great they seem to be missing the love im looking for. a friend recently told me about clannad and i loved it. the 1st season was a little slow but the 2nd season was perfect. i loved so much. so im looking for a anime just like it. it must at least follow the whole girl falls in love with boy and they get together. thats mainly what i am looking for. also must have a dub plz.

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    Re: anime like clannad?

    Hmm... Then Maeda Jun-work anime. Isn't really heavy then - check out these:

    - Angel Beats!
    - Little Busters!
    - Charlotte
    - Air
    - Kanon

    Well, this should for the moment enough (and these are masterpieces of Maeda-sensei!), but if you wanna more silence of life-romantic like animes, then let me know, okay...?
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    Re: anime like clannad?

    Hmm....nanashi mentioned a few good ones above.Especially Kanon ( go straight for the 2006 ver. ) and Air come very close to resemble this special feeling when watching Clannad/after story.Some more suggestions :

    - Bokura ga Ita
    - Lovely Complex
    - Ef - A Tale of memories
    - Kare Kano
    - True Tears
    - Hatsukoi Limited
    - Ao Haru Ride
    - Golden Time
    - Ishuukan Friends
    - Suzuka
    - White Album 1&2
    - Video Girl Ai
    - Kimi ga Nozomu Eien
    - Kimi no Iru machi

    I just want to add then none of them is as tear jerking as Clannad but the Slice of Life/Love theme is there.And im not sure if all these are dubbed completely....Enjoy!
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