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    Adult Market Aggregation Website, Looking for programmers/web developers

    Hey, everyone. I am a coding hobbyist and I am going to be building a website to aggregate content from various sources like DLSite, DMM, etc. The goal is to make a definitive resource for all erotic art on the Internet. This won't be used for sharing content, but instead a way of consolidating all the various online markets for such content on a single, easy-to-navigate website.

    As a hobbyist, I don't feel comfortable in any type of lead role, especially since my experience with tools like GitHub are limited, but I feel this will be a good opportunity to broaden my horizons and get use to such tools. I'd like to collaborate with someone with more experience to determine exactly what roles will be needed.

    At the very least I will need the following:
    Developer Lead with a background in ES6 JavaScript, Node.js, React.js and experience with GitHub
    Design Lead with experience with CSS3, CSS Grid, CSS Flexbox, ES6 JavaScript, React.js, Responsive Design
    Data Architect with experience with NoSQL or Graph databases (will also consider those wither experience in SQL)
    Graphic Designer
    General Programmer with some experience writing Regular Expressions, scripting web crawlers/scrapers, or any other skills you think you can bring.
    Discord Moderators/Administrators

    The project leads along with myself can discuss monetization and 100% will go towards running the website with any leftover towards compensating team members based on their involvement. And other expenses will be covered by me out of pocket in the short term. The long term goal is to have the website be self-sufficient. The longer term goal would be to become an online market place and legitimate business with team members becoming staff.

    Everyone of course is welcome to contribute on any level via pull requests when we set up a public Github (assuming we're not violating ToS - we may need to roll our own Git server).

    If you wish to apply for a role please follow the format I am:
    Role: General Programmer/Graphic Designer
    IDE/Software Choice: Visual Studio Code/Adobe Illustrator
    Experience: College-level programming courses, some work experience developing Chrome extensions, college-level graphic design courses, freelance web development
    Discord Name: proparaphile#1834

    Thanks. I hope we can make this happen.

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